By , on 2023-05-28

This is a powerful film demonstrating how essential it is to follow the Spirit’s plan out of the world of perception and into the real world. To the ego, the idea of escape is seen as dangerous and impossible, but when the mind is ready the gui...

Element Element

After seven years of solitary confinement, gambler Jake Green is out of jail, having taken the fall for his boss. Doing time has taken him inward; he has been shown the game and how to win it. He has one final lesson when he turns up in Vegas looking to exact revenge on his perce...

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By , on 2023-05-21

Our true identity is neither male nor female. To begin to open up to the fact that we are Spirit, the mind has to loosen from worldly identifications and roles. The journey involves forgiveness and facing the fear of change, including the fear of what others will think and do. Th...


Black Mirror Nosedive

By , on 2023-05-19

Season 3, Episode 1 This episode is a great parable of undoing and letting go. Every interaction in it involves a rating of self or another that may go up or down. This ties in with the inner critic in our mind that is constantly evaluating everythin...

Element Element Element

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