The Lego Movie

By , on 2023-11-26

Emmet has to realize who he truly is. He is “the special.” Until his spiritual awakening, he is totally plugged into the matrix, blind to the fact that he doesn’t have any meaningful relationships. Although he catches glimpses of aw...

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Billy Graham was a passionate preacher. He didn’t aspire to become a minister when growing up, but in his late teens he heard his calling and devoted the rest of his life to answering it. He wanted to meet God. Billy was fully used by the Holy Spirit to teach and to preach...

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God Is The Bigger Elvis

By , on 2023-11-19

Deep commitment and devotion are integral to successful spiritual community, as are dedication to prayer, inner communion, and service. This 35-minute documentary shows both the inspiration and the intensity of living in intentional spiritual community without worldly distraction...


Still Breathing

By , on 2023-11-17

Unworthiness and the belief in a cold, heartless, and random world are one and the same. Faith in miracles, the spark of joy, visions, intuitions, and loving tenderness are all expressions of divine healing. This is a love story about a man who belie...

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