My Octopus Teacher

By , on 2020-10-26

The documentary movie, "My Octopus Teacher," really touched my heart. This film takes us into the life of a diver while he spends one whole year discovering what makes him feel truly alive. His journey underwater transformed his state of mind complet...

Element Element

When one starts to allow his emotions, perceptions, and beliefs up into awareness to be questioned and forgiven in order to accept the love that is given in every moment, even the toughest nut can be cracked open and grow into a beautiful, large tree in harmony with its surroundi...

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Spiritual Movies | A Simple Life of Love and No Compromise

By , on 2020-03-22

One of the most beautiful spiritual movies I watched the other day was A Hidden Life. It touched me so deeply in its reminder of the Simple Life; to be so present with our emotions and love for each other, to not compromise on what we feel, and to not run from what has to be face...


Green Card Movie Review

By , on 2020-03-21

Gérard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell - Forced together by conveniece - The Spirit actually helps them love Out of deception and separate goals arise all tangled special relationships. Ego goals always produce a mask of uni...

Element Element Element