The characters in this movie get lost in the game; they search for the escape from imprisonment there. Ash has become proficient at plugging into the virtual reality game and now she starts wondering about the higher realms of the game.
Many on the spiritual path aspire for higher and higher levels of consciousness, but you will not find escape from the simulation in the simulation. You must get in touch with the invisible aspect of the mind that is behind the entire simulation, that part of the mind that is generating the simulation. This entire cosmos is nothing more than a simulation. The script is written. There is an illusion of free will. It seems like there are choices to make in the world; it does not seem like it is just a movie playing out. 
Virtual reality movies help you remember that this world is a simulation, that there is nothing really going on here. The key to awakening is the awareness of dreaming; that it is a simulation. If you forget, then you are a player in the game, with something to defend, something to fix, and you are on the ego’s playing field and there is no way out of that. 
Ash continually asks, "What’s the point of the game." Even deeper than that, the question is, "Who am I?" The root of every question is a question of identity. Self-realization or enlightenment is the realization that all is mind. That experience is what frees you from the simulation; that’s when it is “game over” for real!



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Lilo Aurora

I am devoted to practicing forgiveness and discovering the spark in my heart. I am also a Spiri lover and a member of the Take Me Home documentary team.


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