Frequently Asked Questions

Who is David Hoffmeister?

David Hoffmeister is the inspiration behind the community and the work that we do. He has listened to the Spirit for years and is constantly teaching that you can be hurt by nothing but your thoughts. To that end, most of the content that you see is from David as he is always pointing to the tools that will assist in remembering the Truth. He encourages us to remember who we are. For more about David, check him out here.

This site is nice-but not so high tech-where is the tech?

Well, it is in the background. Machine learning sees what you like and what you have watched and uses an algorithm to bring you content that best suits your needs. You can type anything in the search bar and it will bring up many options. You just have to follow your intuition and pick from there. 

What about more features I heard about?

This is version 1. Everything was built from scratch with a sophisticated API gateway that allows us to pull from many different sites or location (if we have an API expert show up). Version 2 is coming by the end of February early March and will include Digital Groups, Beautiful Courses, French and Spanish Sites, a Q & A, and better integration with our Live Broadcasts.  

Who is the artist on your site with all the amazing digital paintings?

Cyril Rolando has generously offered all his art to Living Miracles (Spiri's mother) so that we can use it to go deeper into healing.  His website is here! Thank you Cyril!

Your plans are funny 13, 14, and 15 $ per month?

Right now this is a content based website. The material is so deep and profound that these prices are amazing and reasonable to allow everyone to access basic and exclusive content.  As we expand, there will be new plans and pricing to reflect the added content and capabilities. So sign up now!  You get 1 week free with no Risk.