This is a powerful healing movie that is based on a true story about the life of Bart Millard, who as a child lived in an intense environment with a physically and verbally abusive father. But this movie doesn't leave it there. This movie highlights the deep forgiveness opportunity between Bart and his father and the meaning of the ACIM lesson: "When I am healed I am not healed alone." W-pI.137.1 It shows that everything is a reflection of mind and, when you change your state of mind, those around you reflect that change as well.

At summer Bible camp, Bart meets the girl of his dreams, but soon after must face his doubts and attack thoughts as his deep belief in unworthiness comes up for question. As a young man, Bart is told that his music lacks heart and that he must get in touch with the darkness in his mind in order for it to release. Only then can he be in his joy. Only then will his songs be more than just a string of words. With true healing, his songs will instead convey the depth of experience that ultimately goes beyond words entirely. God indeed is calling us all home through what inspires us and blesses all.

The movie title is also the name of the worldwide hit song by Bart's band Mercy Me. Inspirational songs like "I Can Only Imagine" can be the catalyst to help bring about the comprehensive awakening in mind that Jesus alludes to in ACIM. Enjoy!

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