George Lonegan is “called” to wake up from his humdrum existence. He is a psychic and can truly share messages of healing and release. But he has hidden his light and his gift because he wants a normal life. George fears that if he really lets his light shine, no one will be able to handle him and he will end up without a relationship. When George does open up about his gift, his doubt thoughts are indeed reflected through a witness of fear, as he finds the depth of intimacy too great, so he holds back and tries to “be normal”. But he is losing sleep, and the signs and symbols showing that he needs to wake up and accept his function are everywhere. He held back because he would lose his identity and everything that he thinks he is or he will be in future, but the real reason was that he is scared of the light underneath.
What George Lonegan doesn’t realize is that what gets replaced is far better and richer than whatever is perceived to be lost; there truly is nothing to lose. There is no sacrifice; there is just a belief in loss and in giving something up. Freedom is just another word for having nothing to lose. But there is nothing left to lose; just let your light shine.
As George Lonegan started to get into his function, what he perceived as loss turned out to be true service; what he thought was a curse turned out to be a gift. All his death thoughts are now replaced with light and being in the present moment as he gives his gifts away. In the end, he receives what he is truly worthy of: a relationship that reflects the overcoming of his fear of the light; now love is not far behind!

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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