Being caught up in the letter of the law and seeing the system as outside, or external, is a way of maintaining the world and its limiting belief system, as it is. Whether in a position “at the mercy of the system” or at “the top of the legal system,” the experience is the same. A false self-concept is being maintained.
“You are the system,” opens the mind to all possibilities; to guidance and prayer, and a higher purpose for the use of the symbols of the world.
In this movie, a teenager in need of love provides the opportunity for a judge to open her heart and her home. The gift of giving is always a gift to oneself. Giving and receiving are the same because answering the call for love brings love into one’s own awareness. Reaching out and touching brothers with the touch of Christ brings forth the experience of wholeness and continuity. Forgiveness releases the mind from the past and frees the present to be what it is; a moment in which our brothers are seen in the light that unites us as one. Acting out from a sense of lack is a cover over the belief in rejection. The laws of love transcend the belief in an external world and reveal the truth—that the loving presence of the Spirit has always been here. This world cannot provide the light of Christ. But through forgiveness, you can.
Awaking unto Christ is following the laws of love of your free will, and out of quiet recognition of the truth in them. The attraction of light must draw you willingly, and willingness is signified by giving. Those who accept love of you become your willing witnesses to the love you gave them, and it is they who hold it out to you ... (T-13.VI.12)

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Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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