“Use movie watching online to pay attention to your mind,

to pay attention to your thoughts.” ~ David Hoffmeister 


The MWGE Movie Watcher's Guide To Enlightenment is a powerful and practical guide to watching the best spiritual movies to quickly overcome "spiritual awakening symptoms" such as anxiety and fear and to clear any blocks in your mind to having a spiritual awakening experience.

In a radical departure from traditional spiritual cinema, David Hoffmeister uses movie watching online with modern-day parables for awakening.


We are always adding stories, interpretations & meaning to our experiences. All the feelings we have watching a movie are coming from within us. We never react to what happens directly, we always react to our interpretation of what is happening. What we need to work with is correcting our interpretations and perceptions.

This turns the universal pastime of movie watching into a portal for a whole new perspective on Life. Step back, relax, and laugh as you learn to see the big picture!

1000+ Audio and Video Commentary and Movie Reviews For Awakening

The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment is an online searchable database of movie reviews of the best spiritual awakening movies. MWGE also has:

• 1000 In-depth audio and video commentary for the best of the best spiritual movies ever made

• Online support for you to host MWGE movie gatherings to share the gift of healing with others on the spiritual path

• A free membership that includes 470+ movie reviews

Spiritual Movies — A Fast, Fun Way to Free Your Mind from Fear

MWGE has mind tools that walk you through the healing process while you are movie watching online and experiencing uncomfortable and intense emotions. The site includes online worksheets you can download and fill out again and again as unconscious beliefs are uncovered and released. There are also diagrams and videos that support you through the process of undoing upsetting thoughts and emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. It is also your go-to guide for diving into movies you would normally avoid to heal phobias, alleviate anxieties and better handle stressful situations.

Enjoy our FREE or one of our other movie memberships!

Weekly Online Movie Gatherings

Join the Living Miracles community for weekly online all-day movie workshops! Each movie is commentated on by a Living Miracles community member who will offer inspiring movie setups and a space for you to share your movie experience. Join us live or in zoom! Come for a single all-day movie workshop or sign up for a monthly membership.

"I want to reiterate how meaningful MWGE is in that it transforms movies into critical thinking opportunities, and becomes an impactful way to enjoy the stories told through cinema toward spiritual growth."
~ Jen

"The movie reviews and the before and after movie talks are insightful and rich with a lot of profound insights."
~ Jessica

"I love the experience of watching a movie again that I once had strong negative reactions to and then seeing it in a whole new way."
~ Craig

"Thank you Jesus for this amazing tool!! What a ride!"
~ Dianna

"I've been so grateful for MWGE.org ever since I found it and started using it May 3rd, 2014! Has absolutely changed everything for me!!"
~ Nicolas



About the author

Lilo Aurora

Devoted to awakening and following the spark of my heart.


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