This is a fantastic awakening movie about taking the leap and soaring in Purpose. The rewards of faith are spiritual, and with every leap of faith comes an expansion of self. You are so much more than you could ever dream yourself to be! Your part is absolutely essential in the plan, and all of heaven is awaiting your “yes.” The Spirit will show the way with signs and clues and you will literally be carried by Grace to ensure you make it to your Destination. It may not always be experienced as “graceful,” however, there is never a moment when the way isn’t shown, when you have the eyes to see and the courage to keep leaping!
The spiritual journey shifts from an experience of seeing missed opportunities and regrets, to soaring with the mighty wings of an eagle, seeing how incredibly all things keep working together for good, for you! It was all to bring you to this very moment. And this moment is so precious because you are here, aware, and saying yes! Welcome home to the awareness of who you truly are!
Walter Mitty works in the basement, believing himself and his role in life to be small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. He has no idea that his part is essential in a much bigger plan, and that without him, the dreams of others couldn’t be realized. Living life bombarded by doubt thoughts every day, and fantasizing about opportunities to be so much more, it all reaches a point where it just cannot be tolerated any longer. Self-doubt and hesitation fall away with every step that is taken, replaced with certainty of purpose and the realization that mighty companions are everywhere.
It is time to break out of littleness and go for it on the ride of a lifetime!

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Ana Urrejola


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