"And while you see your brother as a body, apart from you and separate in his cell, you are demanding sacrifice of him and you. What greater sacrifice could be demanded than that God's Son perceive himself without his Father? And his Father be without His Son?" T-26.I.4:2
No matter the circumstances, the Call for God will be answered. Paikea's grandfather is devoted to a spiritual ideal but completely blinded by tradition. Having decided upon the form of what he wants, he cannot see what, or more importantly, who, is right in front of him, awaiting recognition. Paikea is the one, and as she deepens in awareness of her calling and identity, she wishes that her Grandfather could open his heart and see.
However, when the mind is determined to hold onto the past, no amount of evidence can convince it of what it does not want. Despite the witnesses of doubt and denial, Paikea's situation is her training ground for forgiveness, and she has no choice but to answer her Call.
Have faith in the fact that your function is given you from the start, and failure is impossible. Awakening is inevitable, and when we say "Yes" and go for it, our demonstration is for all.


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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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