This movie is a biography of the life of Paramhansa Yogananda, an Indian mystic who brought the practice of Kriya Yoga to North America in the 1920’s. When Yogananda left his old life behind in India, it was due to a strong calling and inner guidance to spread the practice of meditation and Kriya yoga. Yogananda had no personal investment to travel to America, but a prophecy made at his birth, and several mystical experiences helped convince him that he was needed in the United States.

As Yogananda accepted his teaching function in America, the Spirit poured through him in a very devoted, clear way. Initially, there’s a lot of forgiveness in coming over to the United States and opening up the western world to the principles of yoga. Some people were very shocked because it was so different than anything they had ever seen. However, Yogananda was able to keep the purpose out front throughout his travels and was able to ask “what is it for?” constantly. Because Yogananda didn’t have an agenda in form, he was able to tune into Guidance and stay linked with the divine will of Spirit.

With Yogananda, the Spirit, or life force, came through so clearly. In one lifetime, so much just poured through so effortlessly, which is a great witness to Spirit. His focus was always on sharing and speaking. He used postal mail back when it was brand new in all these innovative ways. Anything that was the slightest innovation he made sure to put to use to spread his message. After Yogananda’s guru passed away, he was able to yield into more expansive states of mind and he started channeling even more writings. The Presence and extension is one. Even when he went deeper into the Presence, the extension was still there. His life was a demonstration of the principle from A Course in Miracles, “It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive.” (ACIM, T-1.I.27:2) He didn’t slow down until his death in 1952. Yogananda’s life expressed the desire to be transparent, drawing forth reflections of love and light. It’s very convincing to the mind, to feel lifted up in that and swept away. Yogananda’s life is a shining example of what a life of Service looks like!

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