On the spiritual journey, when your mind shifts into the miracles and starts to go right side up, the only temptation will be thoughts in the mind that are doubting that transformation. From the human perspective, there are the naysayers; the people who are doubting your transformation and saying: "What are you into now? Why are you wasting your time with that? Come back to us."

Max, the main character in the movie, goes through a major shift in mind after a plane crash. Although experiencing a peace that he had never known before, he faces doubters such as his wife and a therapist who deems Max to be "inappropriately calm." Max is a demonstration that it's important not to deviate from this tranquil state of mind by giving credibility to these false witnesses. Succumbing to the ego's judgments keeps one from experiencing the fullness of this calm and peaceful state. As the mind opens up to this vastness, it will seek out reflections of support and will desire to extend the healing in order to stay in that direct experience of one's true self.

This is a fantastic movie for showing the importance of being vigilant for the right mind, which is being vigilant for God and His Kingdom. By continuing to practice choosing the miracle and staying in the right mind, the eventual outcome is the final choice, the Atonement, or return to God. This is the same decision that Jesus made, to let it all go; to let all of time and space go. His message to humanity is, "Join me in that." The invitation to make that decision goes out to everyone.

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