Addiction seems to bring temporary pleasure, but as it is a denial of Self, it is also a cover over guilt and pain. Seeking pleasure as a way to ease the belief in lack is a distraction from remembering the Truth; the reality that we are inherently whole and complete. Fantasies have nothing at all to do with love or Truth.
This movie shows the ego’s use of special relationships and the belief that “someone else” can give us something that we need. The ego uses relationships as a means of control and manipulation. Its “love” is contingent on behavior and what is appropriate and acceptable in order to maintain a self-concept.
Unlike the ego’s use of relationship (as a way to “get” from a brother), the Holy Spirit views relationships as an opportunity to give what you would receive. Spirit-guided relationships have no expectations or attempts to get. Instead, they are based on complete acceptance. They offer a space in which private thoughts and beliefs can be expressed freely without judgment and can be brought to the light for healing. Spirit would have us join with our brothers as a way of remembering our innocence, happiness and freedom together. Open and honest communication is key.
All that is really wanted is a real connection; to merge into an experience of oneness beyond thought.

Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover your unconscious beliefs.
Go here for more info about Movie Watching as A Spiritual Practice. You will find tips, tools and links to movies to go deeper in your journey.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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