Inspired by scripture, this movie imagines one year in the childhood of Jesus. Even as a seven-year-old, he displays such a non-compromising nature. Jesus is about his Father's business from an early age. So often his very presence gives everyone he meets the opportunity to either choose the Christ Presence or the ego, but there is only one presence that Jesus acknowledges.

There is a symbol of the devil in this movie who has influence over the masses. But Jesus demonstrates complete fearlessness when faced with this darkness, ordering it not to touch him. This is a reminder that love will always overcome fear and doubt.

He shows similar courage when faced with a Roman centurion who wants him dead. We witness Jesus' defenselessness, trust, and certainty that, with God on our side, nothing can be against us.

The young Jesus' mind is open and inquisitive and he often asks his parents questions they struggle to answer. But with such high willingness and readiness for truth, his learning is rapid and he soon outgrows the need for his parent's protection. He is walking swiftly to God and literally, nothing will stop the inevitability of his awakening!

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