This is a profound movie about the life of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. It beautifully portrays that when we are aligned with the Spirit and in our right mind, we can be incredibly creative. Brian demonstrates this alignment through the amazing lyrics and harmonies that pour through his music when he is in his right mind, and the darkness and projection that can creep in when he is not. 
It is during those dark times that Brian experiences massive inner conflict, which shows up as characters outside of him trying to control his every movement. As a child, Brian had a very controlling and violent father and, as an adult, his manager plays the role of controller in his life. These authority figures give the appearance that they are stifling Brian in his ability to mature and extend beyond music, but the truth is that Brian has a deep fear and unworthiness he doesn't know how to overcome. While it can seem easier to project the blame onto others for not opening up, at some point the pain of playing the victim can be intolerable. Brian longs for a deeper intimacy and connection with others that's beyond being a famous musician and making money.
Love's answer shows up in the form of an attractive car salesperson called Melinda. As their friendship grows, she clearly offers Brian something fresh and new, unlike anything he has ever experienced before. The consistent love, acceptance and understanding that Melinda extends to him starts to melt away Brian's deep fear of love and his attraction to being a victim. The transition from fear to love can be very frightening. The ego wants us to believe it's rant that there is no way out, while the Spirit gently reminds us that all we need do is take each step as it is presented. Love offers everything we could ever want and need.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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