A metaphysically pure episode showing that the perceived world is merely “wish fulfillment,” the playing out of the desires of the heart. In this episode, Captain Picard loses consciousness and awakens on the planet Kataan, where he is given the opportunity to fulfill his hidden desire for a romantic relationship and family.

Time is the blink of an eye and what seems to be forty years for Captain Picard on Kataan are just minutes on the USS Enterprise. Picard's choice to be in a dream world renders futile the Enterprise crew’s attempts to awaken him.

To the sleeping mind an abrupt awakening from the dream would be more traumatic than beatific. While on Kataan, Picard’s memory of his true Home is kept alive by a haunting melody that he plays over and over on his flute—symbolic of our memory of being at Home with God.

The mind must desire to leave the illusory world behind before the steps for a gentle awakening can be offered by the Spirit. As Picard’s time on Kataan draws to a close, his family and friends gather to farewell him, serving to remind him that they were always there in support of his awakening.

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