This movie examines the core belief that we can find happiness if we make the right choices in life. We can’t; it’s impossible. The belief that we have real choices is cherished by the ego and keeps us striving for happiness. "Mr. Nobody" shows us that it is not true, that free will on earth is a huge deception. All the choices of this world are made in the oblivion of forgetting God. Not one of them is real. They are all meaningless distractions, and all of them lead to the same place: death.
Nemo Nobody acts out several life scripts. Early on, the boy Nemo has to choose whether to live with his father or his mother. We see each of these choices played out over multiple lifetime scenarios with multiple life partners. They don’t work out happily. Would different choices have been better? We see many different choices played out, and none of them leads to happiness.
Scenarios of Nemo’s life with three different partners are cut and spliced in a way that undoes the linear perspective. This montage is masterfully put together to start to loosen our mind from trying to make any sense of bodies or of the world. We get a feel for the ego manipulation of images in the deceived mind, making them up and stringing them together with false cause-and-effect associations. This rat race of images is simply a trick to distract us from the holistic perception of Spirit.
In one scene the adult Nemo gives a talk on how, according to physics, time can as easily move backwards as forwards. The lock of linear time on our mind can begin to loosen. We can sense that linear time is just a construct, covering over simultaneity. The ego made linear time so you would avoid accepting true freedom, because if you accept true freedom, the ego is out of business.
We learn in "A Course in Miracles" that miracles collapse time and that time is transcended in the holy instant. As we undo linear time and attachment to specifics in the mind, we rise to the dreamer-of-the-dream perspective. This is the experience that brings us freedom and happiness, just like Nemo at the end of the movie! Laughing all the way home!

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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