A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a volume of written materials arranged as a self-study course designed to bring the student into a consistent state of peace and happiness. The Course was initially scribed and typed during 1965–by two professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University: Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. With the aid of Ken Wapnick, Robert Skutch, Judith Skutch Whitson, and philanthropist Reed Erickson, "the Course" was published on June 26, 1976 (by the Foundation for Inner Peace) and has gone on to sell over 3 million copies in 25+ languages.

A Course in Miracles

Take Me Home is a documentary that follows a group of strangers as they come together at a modern-day monastery for a month-long retreat, the Tabula Rasa Mystery School to practically apply the teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). They immediately find themselves opening up to each other in ways they never could have imagined. In doing so, an unexpected treasure is uncovered and revealed.

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This A Course in Miracles-based monastery has only two guidelines: no private thoughts and no people-pleasing. All who come are offered an opportunity to live by these guidelines and open up to authenticity and trust with each other.

Among the newcomers is a film crew that arrives with the intention of filming the Mystery School. However, intense emotions quickly rise to the surface as the crew attempts to adopt an “intuitive” approach to filming and a new way of being together. In the meantime, the kitchen volunteers are going through the dismantling of egoic pride, jealousy, and identity. The cameras captured the intimate healing process of those involved.

Take Me Home takes you on a journey as its characters break free from repression and avoidance in the face of difficult emotions. It is a song, an experience of love, and a witness to the perfection of the plan for awakening. Every prayer is answered, every tear wiped, and every encounter destined.

If you enjoyed this sample of an experience of Take Me Home, this movie package has been put together to offer you a full experience to support you through a transformation within. With this package, you will receive teaching sessions to prepare the mind before the movie, the movie itself, a follow-up session with the cast and closing teaching sessions. This is an opportunity to relax and bask in the full experience that the Spirit wants to offer you through this movie.

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Take Me Home documentary

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