This is a summary on a commentary by David Hoffmeister on the 2004 documentary "Return to Source: Philosophy & The Matrix," an examination of the profound impact of "The Matrix Trilogy" in bringing forth the perennial wisdom of the ages on the big screen.
Philosophers such as Socrates introduced ideas very similar to the ideas in the workbook of "A Course in Miracles." Socrates said that the only certainty about the world is that it is uncertain. Becoming aware that you do not know anything is essential on the spiritual journey. The first thought that can take you out of any upset is, “I do not know.” Everything that you think you know is a block to true knowing.
All the great non-dual philosophers and "A Course in Miracles" are saying that the subject and the object are the same. They are all equally unreal. There is no observer apart from the observed. They are One. The philosophers in this documentary all echo the idea that the problem cannot be as we have defined it.
Descartes’s idea, “I think therefore I am,” is valid in terms of God and our true reality. God extends real ideas and we are a real idea, an extension of the Source. But this has nothing to do with time and space and fragmented images. That is not how God thinks and that cannot be how the “I am” presence thinks either.
So like Neo, we must see beyond the trickery of this world. We must come to see that we are not here to make choices as all choices of the world lead to death. The only true choice we can make is one of Purpose. As we align our minds with Holy Spirit and let ourselves be led by the light of true forgiveness, we see and experience that there is no will but God’s and indeed His will for us is perfect happiness. We can no longer be deceived when we have been led out of the matrix of our own mind. All is one. We are at home.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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