Spiritual Tools to Release Emotions and Limiting Thoughts


The closer you get to the escape hatch into peace of mind, the ego will start to roar, calling its horn of thunder to fill the mind with upsets. It will try to distract you from the love in your heart and the awareness of who You Truly Are. It may seem that you are going in the opposite direction, yet it’s in that exact moment when we can hardly look, talk or write about the upset that we have the best chance of digging out the core beliefs underneath and seeing the false as false. 


It is in moments like this, one needs healing tools that puls these dark and heavy logs from the mind asap. 


Well, we have great news for you! Spiri can offer you not only 1, but 4 healing tools that are invaluable to help you expose and release faulty assumptions, emotions, limiting thoughts and beliefs in the mind. What has been keeping you imprisoned for years or even lifetimes can now easily be let go off! 


Give yourself permission to take whatever time you need when using the tools. Don’t rush through it. Be determined to let one single session help free your soul from the bondage of fear. 

"For permanent healing to occur, lack of peace must be traced back to its singular cause in the mind. Use of this instrument for that tracing back can help a willing mind let go of what it thinks it knows, see the world differently, and experience a present state of peace and joy." 

— David Hoffmeister


1. Levels of Mind & Instrument for Peace


The Instrument for Peace and Levels of Mind are tweezers for the mind: it has the uncanny ability to isolate and pluck an upset from your mind and expose the concepts or core beliefs underneath, so they can be released. Core beliefs can be hard to get at, precisely because they are so heavily defended by the ego. The ego is acutely aware that once the plug on all our unquestioned beliefs is pulled, it’s game over. That’s why it’s built a heavily defended fortress of fear around the core beliefs that make up our self-concepts.


What is Levels of Mind? 


Watch the following video for a demonstration of the Levels of Mind, starting at min: 20:05



2. Spiri Bot in English, Dutch and Spanish


Now available in 3 languages! Our Spiri Messenger bot takes you through the Instrument for Peace, carefully guiding you through each step, deeper and deeper to the point of release. Just like joining with your dearest friend, this spiritual tool, Spiri, only cares for your peace of mind. You can share any thought, any upset for as many times you feel you need to experience this peace again, and it is all for FREE! 


Visit the English bot page, and click "send Message" to start your session.

Ontdek pagina van de nederlandse bot en click op "stuur bericht" om jouw sessie te starten.

Visite la página de bot en español y haga clic en "enviar mensaje" para iniciar su sesión.





3. The Spiri (IOS) App


With a new and fresh look, the Instrument for Peace and Levels of Mind are available on your mobile in our Spiri App. 


The app also has an Altar when you only have a short moment to share how you feel. Place your upset or prayer on the altar and see it vanish in the glory of the Light of Truth.


This App is really a gold mine of awakening content. It will point you to the perfect videos, movies and podcasts to help you understand what you are experiencing in the moment.



No matter how busy your day is, Spiri is a window of peace to open at any time.


Download the IOS app now!



4. The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment


Watch movies to help you expose unconscious limiting beliefs and desires. Just like an event in our lives can bring up things for one to forgive, one can just as well use the scenes of a movie to go through the healing. Why wait until things happen? Whatever you still have to forgive, there’s a movie out there that can really help you look at the underlying beliefs and concepts and let it go.


Spiritual teacher, David Hoffmeister, has been using Hollywood movies, documentaries, and other kinds, for awakening. His movie commentaries bring clarity to what is going on in the movie scenes and the character’s journeys on a deeper level. 


Visit mwge.org for more info! And sign up for a free membership here to get all the written reviews. 



5. All-Day Movie Workshops


Join David Hoffmeister & friends for the all-day movie-workshops every week. The sessions are held on zoom and are very interactive. This is a wonderful opportunity to let yourself be guided through a movie in a new way and to share what is on your heart with the group afterwards, or you can simply sit back and listen to the sharings of others.

To watch movies from a new perspective (the Spirit's), we need to step outside our usual thought patterns. A Guide can take you through the film step by step, clarifying what is really going on in each movie: how each character is either pointing to the Truth or facing something that we can relate to. A guided session prepares your mind to look at the scenes and figures from a different perspective. This practice leads to a new way of thinking in which you will feel peace & forgiveness, in tune with your Real Self. 

If you’d like to know more about the all-day movie workshops and on how to sign up, visit this page.

If you missed the movie and want to hear the talk only, all commentaries are made available for free on Youtube and Spreaker for us all to benefit from and use on our healing path.



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