"I AM" Movie Review - A Tom Shadyac Movie

By , on 2021-08-05

Going Beyond the False Promises of the World with the Tom Shadyac Movie, "I AM."   Journey Toward the Light to Go Deeper Inside Why is the world like it is? What is the root of all problems? The belief that we are separate beings, apart from...

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A Movie on Non-Compromise How to follow the Spirit without compromise? Watch this very spiritual documentary and listen to mystic David Hoffmeister's movie review pointing to a non-compromising, happy state of mind that is available to us all.In The Black Godfather, the main cha...

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Movie Review: God's Not Dead 2

By , on 2021-07-20

A high school teacher quotes Jesus in history class, and she is sued by the school board and the American Civil Liberties Union for violating the separation of church and state.


Movie Review: Still Breathing

By , on 2021-07-01

A Movie on Trust & Surrender Unworthiness and the belief in a cold, heartless, and random world are one and the same. Faith in miracles, the spark of joy, visions, intuitions, and loving tenderness are all expressions of divine healing. This i...

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