Spiritual Movies | A Simple Life of Love and No Compromise

By , on 2020-03-22

One of the most beautiful spiritual movies I watched the other day was A Hidden Life. It touched me so deeply in its reminder of the Simple Life; to be so present with our emotions and love for each other, to not compromise on what we feel, and to no...

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Gérard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell - Forced together by conveniece - The Spirit actually helps them love Out of deception and separate goals arise all tangled special relationships. Ego goals always produce a mask of union, for the belief in separate...

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Chef's Table Grant Achatz Review

By , on 2020-03-02

Chef's Table Grant Achatz Review   Chef's Table Grant Achatz is a Netflix Episode         Grant Achatz's journey is compelling in the sense that it highlights what we face on the journey Home. It asks questions such as, 'What...


Sex Education | Awakening Films

By , on 2020-02-11

Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment mwge.org   Awakening Films — If you have ever had any repressed thoughts on sexuality or want to find out - then the Sex Education series is for you. Be warned it is very graphic but a very well d...

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