Sex Education | Awakening Films

By , on 2021-03-30

If you have ever had any repressed thoughts on sexuality or want to find out, then the Sex Education series is for you. Be warned— it is very graphic but a very well done, tasteful look at many issues in a very direct way. Awakening Films -&nbs...

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This is a great movie for moving past the fear of intimacy. It exposes the false belief in private minds as one moves toward authentic transparency and openness. There is much fear in the mind to true joining and sharing so the steps in that direction are usually gradual as one d...

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My Octopus Teacher

By , on 2020-10-26

The documentary movie, "My Octopus Teacher," really touched my heart. This film takes us into the life of a diver while he spends one whole year discovering what makes him feel truly alive. His journey underwater transformed his state of mind completely while gently being guided...



By , on 2020-08-03

When one starts to allow his emotions, perceptions, and beliefs up into awareness to be questioned and forgiven in order to accept the love that is given in every moment, even the toughest nut can be cracked open and grow into a beautiful, large tree...

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