This is a profound futuristic episode that shows the possibility of having special romantic relationships transformed into holy relationships. It's a reminder that the only purpose of all of relationships is to learn perfect equality.

In the earliest scene, Colonel Silas perceives his wife Vera taking credit for the work he has done at an awards ceremony in his honor. Though Vera has intense feelings coming up about her husband's criticism, she holds back a response to him and allows herself to go within her mind for answers while he is away on a space mission. It's in her mind where she explores the darkness there that is being reflected by her husband's attitude and harsh words.

To demonstrate Vera's change in perception, her husband is a completely new man when he arrives back from his mission. A powerful, loving and holy relationship is now evident. It's now up to Vera to face the doubt thoughts in her mind that he is somehow an imposter and not being authentic. These doubt thoughts show up in the form of the judge, jury, and executioners whom she must stand before and profess her love for Silas—no matter the seeming consequences. This love they openly share melts the hearts of their colleagues, who only moments before stood before them in judgment.

Sanity is restored as the gentle, inevitable power of love dissolves away all the fear that was within the mind. Let this episode take you on an adventure into holiness. Enjoy!

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