Surrender to the Flow

Surrender to the flow of non-judgment.

Join in David Hoffmeister’s exciting message of how to become a “passer-by,” and surrender to the flow of non-judgment. Move towards not being attached to the outcomes of the situations of this world.

Golden Nugget:
“At one point in the Workbook in A course in miracles , Jesus calls this world that we seem to see a hallucination. So, that starts to give a context for what healing is really about. Because a hallucination is seeing something that is not there. He’s teaching us we are seeing the past when we look at the world. This perception is coming from our thoughts; also, that our thoughts are not different from the world we see. You could say that when you look at the world, you are looking at attack thoughts. It is a motion picture of attack thoughts. You can start to see that you heal by not being identified with any of those attack thoughts.”

Hello dear viewer: "Surrender to the Flow" is discussed in full detail in this audio. If you play this audio, you will know more about "Surrender to the Flow" and your experience will increase after playing this audio. So please play the audio at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly. 

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