What Can I Place My Loyalty In?

Let the joy be the teacher and allow the idea of loss to be washed away.

As you open up to the Call of the Heart, you will be guided to extend the truth to all without exception of any kind, "What Can I Place My Loyalty In?" including your family members. Let the joy be the teacher and allow the idea of loss to be washed away.

Golden Nugget:
“Betrayal is an idea that is really tied into the idea of loyalty. A lot of us have been raised with family loyalty, loyalty to country, to a certain culture that we have been raised with, or it can even be loyalty to certain values that we hold dear. For example, I believe that people should be this way and do this. I started to see how loyalty and betrayal are really connected. It was my strong investment in loyalty—whatever it was—that was really triggering my feelings of betrayal; that if I was not so loyal I would not have such intense betrayal issues. Living Miracles Center

I asked Jesus about this one time and I said, 'What about this? I thought loyalty was a good thing? I really believed it was a good, true value; that there were things worth being loyal to.' And he said, ‘No. Actually, peace of mind is where your loyalty belongs. You are worthy of peace. You are created in peace. You, in one sense, need to protect that peace by valuing it above anything else that you experience in this world. In fact, that is the only way that you will come back into that experience; by being loyal to peace—not loyal to the images, not loyal to the appearances, because they were made to cover over the peace. If you stay loyal to that which was made to cover over the peace, you are not going to ever find the peace.’ 

It was more of Jesus’ divine logic like, 'Yes, I am telling you the fact; the truth of it. It’s okay to be loyal. It’s okay. It’s good to be loyal, but be loyal for peace of mind. Be loyal to joy. Be loyal to happiness. Be loyal to Presence, to Divine Presence, and really stay strong to your loyalty to that above everything else.”

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