Spirit Shows Us the Way

Collaboration is the way of living in the miracles.

Spirit shows us that He is everywhere. He will show you every step you will need to take along the way on this path to Awakening. "Spirit Shows Us the Way" Collaboration is the way of living in the miracles. You can’t fit A Course in Miracles into your life because that would be asking for far too little. The Spirit’s plan for you is realizing your magnitude. Express your gratitude, desire, and readiness to be used by the Spirit!

Golden Nugget:
“Everything is being orchestrated by ‘central casting.’ I call it ‘JC (Jesus Christ) Central.’ JC Central is behind everything. When led by Spirit, there are no accidents on who is to meet, and there are no accidents on how the plan is to unfold. It’s not like you come together, you have an experience, and you go, 'Ok, let’s see if we can band together and get a group of people to have a center or we can band together to do something.' When the ego is at it, it can come up with all kinds of plans, blueprints, you know, potentialities, hypotheticals. The ego is good at generating hypotheticals. This whole world is a hypothetical as if the separation happened. The entire cosmos is nothing more than a little hypothetical. A course in miracles  

Joe Goldsmith called it a ‘parenthesis in eternity.’ That is all this is: a generated hypothetical. You have to realize that you have to give up the hypothetical thinking and get into guidance, because how else are you going to tune into JC Central? How else are you going to tune into the One that’s behind the actual plan of Awakening? Not the hypothetical plan of 'could have, would have, should have, I wish, I hope, I wish, I hope.' No, this is not an ‘I wish, I hope’ plan. This is a plan that has actual contacts; people you are supposed to meet, things you are supposed to do together, assignments you are supposed to do together. It’s all part of the pre-arranged plan. That’s why you really need to tune in with what you feel inside because you want to tap into that pre-arranged plan. You want to tap into what your calling is. There’s no risk involved in God’s Plan. There’s no, 'I wish I could make this happen, I wish I could make that happen.' There’s no scheming involved.”

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