Question and Answer Session with David Hoffmeister

Can we go backwards on the spiritual journey?

David Hoffmeister holds Question and Answer Session with the students on day two of the Tabula Rasa Mystery School (a 30-day residential program held at the Living Miracles Monastery). He opens the session by reminding the students that there may be extreme emotions to face during this month, but with willingness and an open mind, everyone can expect many miracles and synchronicities to carry them along.

Questions and topics include:
1. Do the 12-step program and the Course go together?
2. Can we go backwards on the spiritual journey?
3. Is being gay an abomination?
4. Paramahansa Yogananda and eastern philosophy.
5. Abuse and victimization.
6. Sickness.

Golden Nugget:
“We have an intuition, we have a higher power, we have a Holy Spirit, a Spirit within, call it whatever you want. And the only way we are going to let go of this addiction to these hypothetical thoughts is to be guided. So you see how the Spirit works with us, with what we believe in. ‘Oh, you believe in hypotheticals? I can work with that.’ Spirit calls them symbols. ‘I’ll give you instructions. I will tell you where to go, what to do. I will help you seem to unwind from this deep investment you have in linear time. It’s an addiction. But I will use what you are addicted to and turn it in a new way. Instead of winding you in tighter and tighter and more stressful and more stressful until you feel suicidal or depressed or afraid, I will take you, with the same symbols, and unwind you and unwind your mind out of this vice called ego.’

So there is a fear of sacrifice, there is a fear of loss. When the mind flipped over and believed that linear time was real and eternity was just a fantasy, it was way out of touch with reality, it was definitely psychotic and now we have to go the reverse. We have to let the symbols be used in a way that relates to us and that we start to feel more of the goodies! We start to feel better and better and better. Happier and happier and happier and that is convincing us that we are being unwound from something, to a point where we can just let it go in one instant, in one leap. It’s not always going to be a matter of process. It’s just when the mind is so addicted to hypotheticals it can’t be just ripped out.”

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