Look Closely and Take Responsibility

Those who have gone before you have paved the way for you.

Those who have gone before you have paved the way for you. "Look Closely and Take Responsibility" Simply look closely and take responsibility for your perception—keep on moving along the path to God!

Golden Nugget:
“There is a solid resting place that forgiveness gives. Only we have to look at every single thing we think is real. We believe we are human beings. This is not a natural state. It is very constricted in seeking, searching, striving, maintaining, straining, obtaining. All of it; constantly in conflict. It is the thoughts in the mind, the accumulation of beliefs, which is the accumulation of this separate self. This is the only thing that could be threatened. This is the little self standing in the way of knowing our true Identity. Looking closely and taking responsibility for our own state of mind is the way out. Happiness is a decision we must make.” A course in miracles

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