Is Health in the Body or the Mind?

There are really no health issues.

Behind this “smoke screen” of thoughts is the discovery that there are really no health issues. "Is Health in the Body or the Mind" When you go into this deeply enough, you begin to see that there is nothing outside of your mind. Bring all your concepts of yourself to the truth and watch the illusions disappear. A course in miracles   

Golden Nugget:
“Time is not constant. It’s entirely relative. We cannot find truth in the illusion, Jesus says that over and over. Do not try to bring the truth into the illusion. You have all these synagogues, and sacred rivers, and sacred cows and sacred elephants, sacred people, sacred saints. ‘This is the man of God!’—’No, that’s the woman of God.’ No! He says, 'Do not try and bring the truth into the illusion; bring all of your illusions to the truth and then the illusions will disappear.' It gets pretty abstract, and what you’re saying is, it gets pretty intense when you start to come back to that perspective. Because the ego feels like it is being annihilated in that abstraction! It wants definitions: 'Oh I’m a man; I’m a woman; I’m a chemist; I’m this; I’m of this vocation.' That is what people put in their résumés; they put all their concepts out there and they are trying to hold onto those concepts, because it is very frightening to not have a concept of the self—to the ego it is!”

Hello dear viewer: "Is Health in the Body or the Mind" is discussed in full detail in this audio. If you play this audio, you will know more about "Is Health in the Body or the Mind" and your experience will increase after playing this audio. So please play the audio at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly. 

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