Joy, Playfulness, and Following Intuition

Each of us has an intuitive calling.

In this interview, David talks about his own journey and how much fun it has been, "Joy, Playfulness, and Following Intuition" giving practical examples of how the Spirit has worked so playfully in his life. He shares with us how following guidance has led to building trust in the Holy Spirit as His path leads to happiness, peace of mind, and life truly filled with joy.

Golden Nugget:
“Each of us has an intuitive calling. Not all of us are called to be a ‘Mother Theresa’ or a ‘Ghandi,’ but we all have an inner calling; some may think of this as being religious or spiritual, whereas others may just think of it as their intuitive voice, or sometimes athletes call it their gut feeling. Everyone has got their own language and that’s beautiful. I do feel we have a calling or a purpose, and there is an intuitive part of us that loves joy, that loves happiness. I’m not talking about getting happy because of some externals or some outcomes that happen. I’m talking about this intrinsic, bubbling feeling from inside that sweeps over you, leaving you with such a big smile on your face that you can’t even think of a reason why you feel so good. it’s just so natural. I feel that people don’t have to get into all kinds of theologies and everything. If you start to feel joyful and relaxed, then move in that direction, and be open so that your entire way of life may start revolving around this wonderful, joyful, intuitive feeling. And to me, it’s exciting to know that we all have that capacity.” Living Miracles Center

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