In this video, David speaks on love and relationship. What does it mean to love? The ego’s definition of love is very different than Spirit’s definition. While the ego can use love to say, “I love my country,” this is objectifying love, and therefore, not it. By attaching it to an object, we break the definition of love! Love has no object. Love is abstract. When we say “I love” and then put something after it, that’s not love. Most of the things we think we love in this world are idols that cover over true love. Love is a state of acceptance. ACIM is a pointer towards non-dual awareness. This world gives us examples of what isn’t love. Love is abstract, and there is no example of abstraction in this world. Love is beyond, and can not be taught. The ideas of love and relationship can be used in this world in order to remove the blocks to the awareness of love. A Course in Miracles

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