David Hoffmeister shares on true union and relationships. What is the purpose of marriage? Is it being used by the ego or the Holy Spirit? The ego uses marriage to hold fast to separateness. Two bodies may be legally committed to each other, yet joining is not happening. True union happens at the level of the Christ mind. When you enter into a committed relationship, you will find that a lot of mirroring happens! Your significant other will mirror to you all of your unconscious fear. Past issues that have been pushed out of awareness will come so that you can see them. If you give your relationship over to the Holy Spirit, the relationship will be used to bring up into awareness everything that is not Love so that you can clear it. In a holy relationship, given over to the Holy Spirit, the communication can become so clear that telepathy begins to happen. The ego does not understand things like that because the ego belief system is one of separate, private minds, housed in separate bodies. But as the personality mask is lifted up, communication opens up. The mind can communicate with itself, seeing that it is one mind.

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