Season 8, Episode 15
Thank God there is a plan of such magnitude and perfection where nothing is out of place and everything is working together for good, no exceptions. This is the healed perspective and this is what our minds open to as we practice forgiveness and keep stepping into our function as miracle workers.
By the world's standards, Allen has made a mistake in having a secret affair which results in a child, Robbie. Allen seems to have exacerbated the "problem" by abandoning mother and child and keeping this hidden from his wife.  But fast forward 17 years and the perfection of the Spirit's plan can be easily seen. Allen faces his guilty secret in seeking out his son, the most likely to provide matching bone marrow for Allen's desperately ill daughter, Erica.
Suddenly Robbie is no longer seen as the "mistake" but instead the savior, not just for Erica, but for all affected by the guilty secret. All our guilt and doubts can be so transformed by the Holy Spirit if we are willing to offer them to Him and let the miracle be revealed; healing, love, and a deep connection with our brothers is inevitable.

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Ana Urrejola


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