This is an excerpt from MWGE of how The Lego Movie's meaning is transforming an ordinary life into an inspiring, joyful, collaborative life with mighty companions is easy if we just have that little willingness.

The Lego Movie’s meaning is the journey from littleness to magnitude through connection, collaboration and communication. In the movie, Emmet lives an ordinary life in his town of Bricksburg. He tries his best to fit into society, follow the rules and conform to what is expected of him. All of that changes when he stumbles upon a plot to freeze the world in place using superglue to keep it stuck and controlled. Emmet is swept up in an ever expanding circle of mighty companions and collaborations that teach him that he is much more than the clueless, unskilled, vulnerable person he seems to be. As he learns to open up to others, he finds the strength within himself and uses it to free the universe from rigidity and control.

You can watch the movie trailer with David Hoffmeister's commentary to expand your awareness of your life's purpose and expect magnitude to join you on the way.

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