The story of Jesus’ life is the ultimate awakening movie, true love movie, purpose movie, forgiveness movie, and script is written movie! This beautiful movie, made by Lightworkers, shows the Jesus that we know so well in our hearts. He is our brother. His eyes sparkle with love and joy. His Presence fills our heart with love and gratitude. Thank you beloved brother, and all who have given their lives over to our holy, shared purpose of awakening to the indwelling Christ, the Living Presence of God that is here always. Thank you, thank you!

Our Kingdom is not of this world. Our Kingdom is a spiritual realm and you have to be born anew, born of the Spirit, to know Spirit as a living experience. Identification is either with the body or the Spirit. The Son of God is free now and always. Nothing of this world can affect the Christ, including the death of the body, because Christ is eternal life.

Jesus taught through giving sermons and through his living demonstration. When asked to participate in condemning a woman caught in an illegal act (adultery), his response was a teaching of nonjudgment: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” which, of course, had all of the accusers drop their stones.

He was uncompromising in following the Spirit’s plan and teaching forgiveness and true empathy. He spoke with those who had the ears to hear, and he stepped away from those who did not. Every encounter was an invitation to join him in the decision for God, for salvation now. And when it was a full yes, the illusional limitations of the world fell away immediately—whether it was blindness, lameness or even death of the body. Healing is a decision for God because sickness is a projection of guilt. Forgiveness yields immediate results when faith is total.

“I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” The Spirit poured through Jesus, offering everyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear the invitation to accept Christ into their hearts, to accept their own innocence. He had dominion over the world because he knew his true identity and the power of God that was available to him. Miracles happened around him, witnessing to the fact that time and space are an illusion.

Jesus demonstrated absolute devotion to following, even when he knew that the end of his ministry and earthly life was coming. He “knew” how the script would play out, and that everyone would play their part perfectly. He did not attempt to change the script, and he acknowledged the parts that Peter and Judas would play with them directly beforehand. The Christ saw only innocence and offered nothing but forgiveness and a message of love. He constantly told his brothers not to be afraid when fear blocked their awareness of Christ.

The symbol of Jesus is ever available through Spirit, continuing to share the same message to his beloved ones, encouraging all to have faith and to shine the light of truth. His consistent message is: My Kingdom is not of this world.

Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover your unconscious beliefs.
Go here for more info about Movie Watching as A Spiritual Practice. You will find tips, tools and links to movies to go deeper in your journey.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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