Discover a New Way of Movie Watching As A Spiritual Practice & Experience the Path to Awakening like Never Before!

Why Movies?

Movies can be used as a tool (a spiritual practice) to get in touch with your emotions. This is what a spiritual practice is, a way of devotion and healing.

“Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover what your unconscious beliefs are. ”

— David Hoffmeister

When you react emotionally to a movie, it’s the same as reacting to people in your life. It’s the same dynamic. If you have issues with people, it’s a projection of your mind. If you have reactions to a movie, it’s coming from that same projection in mind. Any spiritual practice takes this into account. 

You can take note of these feelings and thoughts and release them as you get clearer and clearer in your mind. Movie watching as a spiritual practice involves watching them with a new perspective that brings your mind back to an actual experience of love, innocence, and joy.   

We can see how what is happening on the screen is happening in our everyday lives. We can use these examples not to learn behaviors but instead to see the miracles. Much like zen koans, or parables from the bible, stories help with understanding spiritual concepts as they play out in our lives now, not thousands of years ago. The movies become examples of how miracles, forgiveness, and healing operate and unfold.  

Spiritual Practice

Movies are safe

Instead of experiencing the dramatic events in our lives, we can let emotions rise with less fear. We may be frightened by a scary scene all the while knowing we are actually safe in our seats watching the movie. The feelings can arise without having to “continue the scene” as we do in our lives, we can stop and look at them. An important part of a spiritual path is to expose our shadows, the unconscious beliefs and feelings that cloud our experience/perception.

Movies are fun

If you have read this article, you probably are already someone who enjoys watching movies. If your spiritual practice is not fun, you will have more difficulty sticking to it! We are meant to be moving towards a joyful experience, so it should start with joy! If you love music, painting, eating... whatever it is, it can be used for spiritual awakening because you are starting from an open and willing position making you more receptive and only a willing mind can change. We easily accept what we want and resist what we don’t want. So movie watching as a spiritual practice can be very joyful indeed.


What Kind of Movies?

All kinds of movies! Comedies, documentaries, action, horror… We use select movies that have a maximized potential for healing, but once your thinking starts to shift, you will never watch any movie or TV series the same. Even a sitcom or cartoon can bring you a deep spiritual message when you are tuned into a new, clear perspective.

Siritual Movies


How Does it Work?

There are two ways to start movie watching as a spiritual practice; be guided through the movie while listening to commentary from one of our guides, or watch the movie alone with the help of our mind tools such as the Instrument for Peace.

With a Guide:  To watch movies from a new perspective (the Spirit’s), we need to step outside our usual thought patterns. A Guide can be pointing out what is really going on in each movie: how each character is pointing to the Truth or or facing something that we can relate to.  A guided session prepares your mind to look at the scenes and figures from a different perspective. You will be taken through the film step by step. This practice leads to a new way of thinking. You will feel peace & forgiveness and in tune with your Real Self. 

Go here for more on our shared movie watching opportunities.

Alone with your Inner Guide:  Whatever emotion you are experiencing while watching a movie, can be used for healing. Any emotion of upset is from ego thinking. A solo journey with a movie is not really about being alone. You can pause the movie and fill out a Levels of Mind form and let the Spirit speak to you. 

Companion Tools While Watching Movies

“I’ve had these movie nights over the years and some people go so deep. They go so deep they go into a mystical state”

— David Hoffmeister


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