The projected cosmos is an attempt at misusing the power of mind, to escape the light. This is a misbelief, because it’s impossible to misuse the mind’s power, given that it’s natural in the “Kingdom”. The very belief that our mind’s power can be misused is therefore false. It was only when fear entered, or at the unholy instant of the fall from grace, that “the land became frozen” and the belief in misuse set in.
When we see that we can manifest what we want in the world, we feel a glimmering of the freedom that our power of mind offers. But we also fear that power because we fear that we could hurt others with it. We wear masks in the world, play small, and forget our magnitude, all because of the fear of doing damage.
This movie depicts the passage through this fear and its beautiful release. Queen Elsa believes she can use her gift, the power of her mind, to hurt and make damage. She therefore isolates herself and puts on protective gloves. She goes through change and takes a step, but after singing the empowering song “Let It Go,” which is all about letting go of repression and limitation, Elsa still chooses to be alone. The belief that the mind could miscreate is the whole fantasy of projection: miscreation would mean that the fall from grace, or the separation, actually happened, which creates terror in the mind because the separation seems real. Underneath our fear remains the memory of love. So the way out is walking with love through the fear and accepting the holy instant. Call upon the holy instant with all your heart’s desire to see that you could never have misused your power; that you desired something in the world did not change the truth of who you are. God would not give you a power that could be misused.
Olaf, the snowman, symbolizes staying in the joy of love. He takes the steps presented by Spirit, not knowing what is going to happen in the future and fully accepting that. The strength of Jesus lies in being innocent and strong in the truth, not lifting a finger to try to change anything in the world. “I know who I am and I’m not going to defend or protect anything.” That is true strength; it needs no protection.
Forgiveness retraces the whole separation idea to see that you really never had the power to miscreate at all. The happy ending to this movie is not someone saving the day or getting true love’s kiss. The final demonstration of mastery through love is the melting of Elsa’s heart when she fully feels Anna’s unconditional love for her and the forgiveness that radiates out to everyone.


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