This life has one purpose. It is to be our true Self and let our light shine! This is how we experience God and it is unmistakable when we give ourselves over to it completely. This is the true story of Paul Potts, an unlikely opera singer from Wales. All he knows for sure is that the only time he feels good about himself is when he sings. Self-doubt and reflections of unworthiness have been intense for Paul his whole life and, despite the constant attack thoughts and criticisms, he continues to be true to his calling.
Mighty companions are behind you one hundred percent. They just cannot see the possibility of failure because they know that you have to follow your path. When the desired outcome is to follow our heart and to let our light shine, the world is no longer feared but becomes a place of opportunities to extend a gift. When it seems like there is only one chance, you give it everything you have got. This is what it takes to wake up—so live every day like it is your one chance!

About the author

Lilo Aurora

I am devoted to practicing forgiveness and discovering the spark in my heart. I am also a Spiri lover and a member of the Take Me Home documentary team.


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