Happiness Is Having No Ambitions

Undoing all attachments comes from trust—not trust in persons or things, but trust in the higher Self and intuition.

Undoing all attachments comes from trust—not trust in persons or things, but trust in the higher Self and intuition. You will reach a state of mind with no ambitions. There is a Presence of Love that transcends differences and comparisons and judgments. Everything blends into one experience, like a happy, delicious milkshake.

Golden Nugget:
“We want to come to a state of mind that sees beyond the veil of illusion, where we don’t need special holidays to celebrate because every moment is a celebration; where we become so identified with the Spirit that the emotions of up and down start to fade away in our life. And the one thing that this requires is trust. It requires trust because our past learning has never brought us into that state of mind. This is what I discovered: 'Everything I learned as a child, everything I learned as a teenager, and everything I learned in ten years of university as an adult was all blocking me from living in the present moment. Absolutely everything that I learned was blocking me from Love.' And that is why Buddha said that you have to empty your mind. I have devoted the last 25 years to emptying my mind of everything. If I think I know anything at all about this world, it will be a block to my awareness of Love. If I have the slightest opinion about anything at all in this world, I cannot know who I am! Because our identity is not an opinion. We have to be willing to drop all of our opinions.
I have heard people tell me, ‘That is absolutely impossible!’ But that is not my experience. It is the only thing that is possible. When we are judging and full of opinions, we are trying to accomplish the impossible. And why is this impossible? Because we are trying to think apart or different from God. So, my life has become very, very simple. I have no ambitions. Zero ambition. I have zero motive to change this world. I am not trying to save the world. I am not trying to change people. I have learned to accept everything exactly as it is, and in that, I am filled with energy—just the energy of being. I no longer have to try to channel my energy in some way. It is like I have released my soul from pursuing the future. And I feel like I make no plans of myself.”


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