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Let Go of the Mask

By on 2020-07-08

Let go of the mask. The mask is a personality self and is not the Truth. You may think you have a...


Being Erica - Youtube Awakening Series

By on 2020-07-06

A truly beautiful series focusing on the opening of the heart in a very practical way. Given the opp...


Awakening Movies | Tron: Legacy

By on 2020-07-05

Awakening Movies — Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment   This is a classic movie a...


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Take Me Home is a transformational documentary about the awakening journey through trust, transparency, and relationships. It captured the healing journey of people who come together at a modern-day monastery for a month-long retreat, the Tabula Rasa Mystery School. This monastery has only two guidelines: no private thoughts and no people-pleasing. All who come are offered an opportunity to live by these guidelines, open up to authenticity, and to trust one another. Take Me Home is a testimony to a road less traveled and pro...


Spiri Youtube Playlist

Are you giving to get? What to do with sexual desire? These questions and more are answered in a playlist of concise videos. They are designed to give you the clarity you need to stay happy. Enjoy!


Co-Living in Mallorca, Spain

Join a new adventure with Living Miracles Spain. If you’ve ever been on a retreat with Living Miracles, you probably remember how expansive and heart-opening the experience was. When you live with people that share the same purpose and passion, you have more time to share your thoughts, emotions, adventures, and growth together.  Co-living is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, collaborate, and share their experiences together. The biggest value of joining a co-living space is access to the community. Co-...