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Powerful mind tools, a free Spiri app with advanced search in the app store, searchable Q&A, and more—all for the Great Awakening! 


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Spiri tv

Struggling to find deep, profound TV shows that offer practical advice for awakening and spirituality? Ready to take TV-watching to the next level? Say hello to SpiriTV – Your Awakening TV Network!

Spiri is a free app which asks, “How are you feeling?” and from your response uses its advanced search to give you profound videos and audios to play. The app even has a searchable Q&A and mind tools to help you move through stress, anxiety, and depression so you can be happy and peaceful right now. Find Spiri in the app store today!

Spiri app

Spiri’s your trusted assistant and one of your essential mind tools for practical and insightful emotional support—when you need it the most.

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