Typically, you do things in this world for safety and for sex. You try to fill a hole with form and the thought of possessing. What does Jesus say in ACIM on this subject? That freedom is not in the body. Freedom is of the mind because the body doesn’t have a purpose. What does that tell you about sexual relationships? Minds can join, bodies cannot. This is the proof that the body does not exist at all! You cannot achieve anything with the body. Therefore, seek not outside yourself for you will fail and you will weep each time an idol falls. Even companionship points out that you believe you are alone unless you are with another body. Companionship is a defense against the truth. Am I going to use the mirroring for emptying my mind from everything I believe? For there is the one true purpose in which things are used in the most helpful way. In this session, David Hoffmeister answers the question, “Does good appear in evil’s form?” The short answer is that it doesn’t—it can’t. There isn’t right action, only right-mindedness. There are a thousand spurious cause and effect relationships. We are not asked to seek for the truth, we are told to seek for what is false. The false blocks you from the truth.