In this talk, David reveals the practical tools of Awakening and how they are used to help heal our mind. He shares about his journey as a devotee of Christ, desiring only to be the living Presence of Spirit and to go wherever called. As he immersed himself deeply in the teachings of A Course in Miracles, allowing his mind to become empty of personal beliefs and expectations, so he came to a consistent state of unified perception, the true experience of the happy dream. His devotion led to him drawing forth symbols of devotion and reverence wherever he went. And as he opened to a life of complete trust, so he found himself traveling from place to place, in presence and grace, and always provided for. Spirit’s call to David was to make the teachings of the Course understandable, in practical terms, to those he met. As he responded to the many practical questions that he encountered on his travels, various practical tools emerged. Thus, many of his recorded talks were converted into books, he found that he could use the concepts of modern quantum physics to illustrate core principles within the Course, and he discovered that mainstream movies can serve as a powerful means for flushing up deep emotions and revealing hidden beliefs. These and other tools continue to emerge and be refined, with the Internet serving as a vital dissemination platform. It’s time to go quantum. It’s time to go unified awareness, unified field. We are living in an age where Christ, or Spirit, or Oneness is pouring through at us in every direction—in the movies we watch, in the people we meet, in the advertisements, in the billboards. And if you just say ‘yes’ to Jesus, if you give a big ‘Yes, I am ready now,’ you will start to have symbols flood into your awareness that you are ready now, that this world is going to start loosening from your mind. And you are going to see that you are one with it and it is one with you, in peace and harmony.