The Journey Home - A Course in Miracles - A Context for Spiritual Awakening

David Hoffmeister talks about, "the stages of awakening. Mystical experiences. Why things are falling apart? Trust and faith. The author of a Course in Miracles. How to know your calling? What is a spiritual family? Plato’s cave analogy. Did God forget about me? Needing to know anything. How to find your passion and independence?" He also goes into,  "how to be fully used by the Holy Spirit? and "how to apply 'A Course in Miracles?'" in which he beautifully addresses failure stating that you can’t tell your advances and retreats apart.

Quotes from the Video

“There is a pressure that comes on in being identified with the doer”.
“How good is good enough?”
“Let’s question the need to perform.”
“Holding on to the mask of personality is really what needs to be questioned.”

This recording of David Hoffmeister was filmed at "Strawberry Fields Enlightenment Festival" in the summer of 2018. It is a compilation of mini videos used on David's main Youtube Channel. 


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Patricia Solano on 2020-12-04

tienen videos de David traducidos al español?