Do you think that feeling resistance on the spiritual path is wrong? What if it is really progress? If you truly do not know your advances from your retreats, how could you be sure of what is wrong or right? Jesus teaches that resistance is the ego’s interpretation of progress and growth. Reassess your judgment of any part of the healing and how it appears. Experiencing resistance on the spiritual path is just a misinterpretation of the feeling of being reeled in to truth.
You are always progressing. You are always growing! Once you decide that you want to follow Jesus Christ, guidance is given. Instead of pushing away the guidance, you accept it and look forward to more of it! It doesn’t seem frightening or overwhelming. You won’t be saying, Woah, stop! It’s too much! I can’t handle it! Instead, it’s, Thank you, tell me more!
The metaphysics of ACIM are important! Jesus Christ has transcended time and space. He is telling you that the ego made the world. God did not make the world. God did not create the body. This is a useful piece of information for you as you go along the spiritual journey.
You start to realize that you are spirit, and that the body is only a distraction. Anything that you use to try to distract you from that truth is just delaying you from knowing the Kingdom of Heaven. Your rewards are spiritual rewards. Let go of the belief that there will be rewards that you can see in this world.

“If this world was made as an attack on God, ‘… a place where God could enter not,’ (W-pII.3.2:4) what makes us think that by manipulating the cloaking device—trying to make a better cloaking device—that this will actually bring us peace of mind? This world was made as an attack on God, ‘…a place where God could enter not.’
Those are strong words from Jesus in his Workbook. You are not going to find that in Advaita Vedanta. You are not going to hear it from Ramana Maharshi. We’re talking about the master here and a master doesn’t mince words. These metaphysics are actually important for waking up. He is just not throwing them in there to scare you. They are actually to bring you into eternal Life.”

Resistance on the Spiritual Path

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