David Hoffmeister reminds us of the ACIM teaching that everything is in the mind, all problems are mental problems. A Course in Miracles is a tool to take us into a consistently peaceful state of mind. While practicing the lessons of ACIM we experience the difference between a fear-based thought system and a love-based thought system. Through practice, we can learn to choose the loving thought system that gives us peace. In this way, we reduce stress and worry in our lives.
Things that seem to happen in the world are neither good nor bad. It is the underlying thoughts and fears that need to be looked at. “How do I really feel?” is the continuing barometer. Minor fearfulness is the same opportunity as intense fear or anger. The ego will minimize that, but the message underneath is that you are worth that mind-watching. ACIM says, “The problem is not one of concentration; it is the belief that no one, including yourself, is worth consistent effort.” T-4.IV.7:2 If we follow those thoughts down they will lead to a concept of a self that was made to take the place of the spiritual Self. The guidance that we receive from the Holy Spirit is designed to unravel ourselves from that. We don’t really have any issues in form, it’s all mental. It takes a lot of mind training to experience that. We need to practice with what is arising. The key is moving the focus from what happened or didn’t happen to what you are feeling. This is a great way to reduce stress and worry.