Jesus will guide us so our journey is smooth and joyful. We only feel pain and sacrifice when we resist. Plan Bs are resistance, used to support the Plan Bs or Present Trust self-concept rather than the Christ Self. Yet the Holy Spirit and Jesus show us that trust is justified. Are we willing to trust so much that we let go of our plan Bs? Our problem is that first we decide what we want, and then we ask for guidance. The asking needs to come first. When we are identified with a self-concept we don’t know our best interests; we are completely lost and need the help of the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, that help is available to us anytime we ask for it. David Hoffmeister

“There is danger when you think you know your own best interests when you actually don’t… You’re in a delusion, you’re hallucinating a world that doesn’t even exist! You are really lost in time and space and you need so much help. If you knew how much help you needed you would start asking; you would start praying right away… Let present trust direct the way.”

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