No matter how many relationships you get into, and how much pain you encounter, the key is to always look within. What is the issue in the mind? Unfortunately, the deceived mind is addicted to quite the opposite. It is addicted to projection and denial of this projection. This ACIM healing discussion explores relationships and anger. David uses the example of a friend’s experiment with open relationships to show how the mind can turn away from projection and denial, and towards true healing. When you push guilt out of awareness it cannot be healed. As you find your safe place, let the guilt up. Verbalize your guilt or anger. They are attack thoughts and judgments. When you speak them you see that they are not you. You are not your thoughts. If they are kept inside, they can keep running; they perpetuate. When you speak thoughts you see them clearly and can release them. David shares that, in his story, he had to see that he did not want to project or deny any longer. As he progressed in his healing, he was shown lessons to clarify this in his mind. Sometimes the lessons were extreme and full of emotion. David shares that his friend’s open relationships with two women became very vicious and volatile. Many emotions surfaced: hurt, jealousy, anger, and blame. The emotions were allowed up into awareness instead of staying stuffed down or projected out. Two of the most common defense mechanisms are projection and denial. Denial is to just push it down and keep it out of awareness, but it takes so much mind-energy to keep pushing stuff down. In this, things keep building up. We want to go the opposite way: we want them up and out so the denial doesn’t have a chance. Projection is an attempt to get rid of something while still keeping it. This is where the blame game comes in and ‘blasting’ others. Whether we see guilt or shame or anger in another, this is what is in our own mind. It has nothing to do with the other.