Part of the spiritual journey is to heal the beliefs in sickness, pain, and death. These beliefs can feel very ingrained to a mind that’s identified with the body. It can seem frightening to take a closer look at these thoughts when we’d rather avoid them. When faced with thoughts of death it can seem intensely fearful. Our instant reaction can be to distract away from the fear, but these can be used as mind-expanding experiences. In handing all of our thoughts over around sickness and death, we can let the Holy Spirit interpret and heal our perception around these beliefs to free our mind from suffering. “I know for myself, I had an eerie feeling around hospitals or when my parents would take me to these funeral homes to see these dead bodies. It was almost like a family duty to go and look at wooden caskets and cold lifeless bodies. It’s a weird feeling, but I look at that as part of the spirit taking me, using me, so I could face those feelings that I had around death. The Spirit’s not big on avoiding anything. It’s more like you pray and ask to be used in the most helpful way. Miracle principle number 23 I think it is – “You can heal the sick and raise the dead because you made sickness and death and can abolish them both.” Wow, before you go visit your friend with cancer that’s a lesson to read.” 

YouTube Channel: ACIM: A Course In Miracles David Hoffmeister

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