We are fearful, even of our thoughts, and we push our fearful judgmental thoughts out of our conscious awareness. But our thoughts don’t have power over us. In the safe environment of an “expression session” we let any feeling, anything that is hidden, come to light. With this practice we learn to allow all of our thoughts into awareness. None of our thoughts are actually true, and we can learn to overlook anything. Anything that is judged by us we tend to push out of awareness. Anything we push out of awareness into the unconscious mind we project out. So if we look around and think, “This is definitely not me,” then we know there is still something we’re hiding, that we’ve pushed out of awareness, and we don’t really see that it is our own mind. So if that is still going on, if there is still a temptation to hide, if there is guilt, if there is a judgement that is still going on in the mind, than this exposing process is very essential, because that’s going to allow everything that has been pushed out of awareness to come back to awareness. And once they come into awareness we will cease to give them belief and power. And when we don’t give them power they don’t have any power of their own. These thoughts don’t really have control over us unless we believe in them.

This recording took place at A Gift of Happiness Week-Long Retreat (David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu – Morning Session), Wilbetree House, Mudgee, Australia (November 5, 2016)