In this video, James Corden shares about his fear of getting fired and all that he does to accommodate that. Is it really possible to make mistakes though? Have you ever really done anything wrong or right? After watching James and Ellen - Watch the video below.


A Course in Miracles - Undoing The Belief in Mistakes

David Hoffmeister shares an ACIM inspired teaching on the idea of mistakes.

The ego has created an entire seeming world, all based on illusion. The concept of “mistakes” has its origin in the ego’s thought system, which projects the concept onto behaviors and outcomes in form. Perceiving mistakes in form and attempting to avoid making them is a trick of the ego that keeps the mind preoccupied with the past.?In truth, choosing to identify with the ego in mind is the only mistake, and seeing this opens the door to the possibility of identifying with the Holy Spirit Perspective instead, which shows that we’ve never done anything wrong OR right!  For more information go to Living Miracles.

black woman poised before performing showing mistakes are impossible


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