The ego is committed to upholding its imagined identity through sickness. The ego uses every opportunity to confirm its belief in being a victim. This is a wake up call to take full responsibility for our decision to be at the mercy of outside forces rather than accepting the magnificence of who we are and the freedom of God-dependence!

The mind selects all the bodily symptoms of sickness; it quickly forgets having done so and then it looks for their cause outside in the world as if the mind had not selected them. We are playing a pretend game about what sickness is and where it came from. We blame our diets or radiation. We are playing the game of being the victim of these outside forces. The ego tries to push this out of awareness.
God authored us as spirit. But instead we believe that we are the authors of ourselves, that we are children of our parents. We don’t want to take responsibility. We want to see ourselves as doing our best in life in spite of what our parents forced us to do. We see ourselves as being at the mercy of external characters.

We need to move beyond trusting and relying on persons. We need instead to trust in the spirit within us so that we know who we really are. Then we can see the meaninglessness of the characters and we will have no need for the world anymore.

Are You a Victim of Sickness?

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