Music has inspired me my entire life, moving me to sing, dance and write songs. It has played a huge part in my Spiritual Awakening. The Spirit always gives me music that is perfect for where I am on the healing journey. In practising the non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles and David Hoffmeister, I have been guided to take certain steps to help me cut loose from the ways of the world. The Spirit has been using the songs I always loved so dearly in a combination with these teachings, to help me release all blocks to love and remind me of Who I Am in Truth.

I find it miraculous that songs that have been a part of my life for so long are now seen through this healing and awakening perspective! There really aren’t “spiritual songs” and “non-spiritual songs”! Every song that meant something to me was always the Spirit giving me exactly what I needed, speaking to me in a way that I would understand, and I am excited to now share this with you here in an interactive musical article. 

Recently, I was guided to make a list of about 70 songs that have helped me along the way. I then felt prompted to choose a few songs for a series of articles that fit perfectly with certain steps that I continue to go through myself in clearing out my mind of the ego's belief system.

Part I of this series is focused on the theme of coming to the realization that there is a lot of darkness—unloving thoughts, beliefs and desires— that are held onto in the mind. I brought in a few quotes from David Hoffmeister's book, Unwind Your Mind Back to God. In starting to expose and release these upsets, I experienced a lot of disillusionment. I have come to see over and over that there is nothing in the world that will make me happy and that there are no answers to be found in this world whatsoever. No, I have to go inside to find the happiness and peace of mind that I am looking for.

Let's get into it!

Admitting we are sad, upset and in pain

We can’t heal if we don’t admit to our current state of mind. In becoming fully honest with ourselves and others about how we feel without trying to hide it or protect it, for example by getting defensive, we will start to feel a huge relief.

Simply come clean and dare to feel things just as they appear.   

“Know that all you need do is observe and trace in, being honest with yourself about what you do believe. Allow the emotions to come up and pass away, while handing it all over to the Holy Spirit. Visual imagery can be helpful for ‘handing over.’ At times I have visualized scooping up all of the associated thoughts, putting them in a basket with a big bow on top and giving them to Him like they were a gift-wrapped present! At other times, when the images had sadness associated with them, I placed them on a raft and watched them being taken gently across a river of light to dissolve into Love.” ~ David Hoffmeister (UYM p. 281)

One of my all-time favorite songs for admitting to feeling sad is the song, “Blue” by Joni Mitchell. This is the perfect song to listen to when you feel a deep sadness arise within. Sit quietly and listen. Focus your full attention on how you feel and let the music and the words guide you to the emotions that come up. As much as you can try not to push it down or hide away from it, just be with it.

“The one right use of judgment is asking myself, how do I feel? – as a tool for coming to an authentic transformation of consciousness and emotional honesty–a State of Joy!” ~ David Hoffmeister (UYM p.203)

Blue (Lyrics) - Joni Mitchel

Watch the live performance here.

Releasing Guilt and regret/letting go of broken dreams

We always feel great guilt and regret when looking back at the past. We have the tendency to second guess our actions and behaviors, thinking back on what happened, judging how things could and should have gone. In the following song, “The River” by Bruce Springsteen, the listener is brought into the mind of a young man who is feeling sorrow because all his expectations in life got shattered. He sings he “goes down to the river”, to feel and to let go of his pain in believing something has gone terribly wrong. Something has been lost. The song addresses the haunting realization— the disillusionment—that any dreams and expectations we have in life will always come back at us, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and hurt.

The most memorable line in the song for me is, "Is a dream a lie, if it don’t come true, or is it something worse."

We can look at this line as, a dream that doesn’t come true is a lie, but it’s also something worse in the sense that all of time and space is “an attack upon God, a place where God can enter not” ~ ACIM W-pII.3.2. The ego will always try to convince us to keep searching for happiness and satisfaction in the images, projecting this unconscious sense of incompleteness and separation out onto an illusionary future. When one comes to realize nothing will ever be enough, this can bring about a deep sadness and feeling of loneliness. 

Until we accept that there is no answer in the images of time and space, we will keep feeling disappointed by the world. There will always be sorrow and dissatisfaction in believing we need to get something from the world in order to feel safe and happy. This is why music for healing is so helpful, it can be a good motivator to start to let go of things that don’t really give us safety and happiness.

The River (lyrics) - Bruce Springsteen

Watch the live performance here.

“The intensity is always a motivator to find another way of perceiving, and this disillusionment is always a helpful first step toward transcending the ego. Now the inner healing work must be nurtured, and it is very helpful to focus on all you have to be grateful for.” ~ David Hoffmeister (UYM p.356)      

Thank you all for reading. Please leave a comment below if you will. Let me know if you can relate to what I am saying and whether you have any questions.  
Much love to you all. Let the music move and bless you, and stay tuned for part II of  Music for Healing in Spiritual Awakening! 


To deepen your Spiritual Awakening with Music, watch the documentary movie, Take Me Home, and have a peek into the process of a voice liberation session.

Want to know about the book Unwind Your Mind Back to God by ACIM teacher and mystic David Hoffmeister, visit our online book store.



About the author

Kai Jaya

A student of the Course for many years, Kai Jaya recently gave away all his possessions with a Prayer of No Return to the past. Currently, he is surfing the waves of the Loving Light.


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